Tanks in Thunder Brigade are giant 50 Ton vehicles, that employ a special technology that lets them curve space, effectively creating a "bubble" around them where gravity has no effect. This allows them to hover above the ground and slice through air at breakthrough speeds.

Tanks are the main fighting units of the three sides, taking up reconnaissance/battle/defensive/building hunting roles. They are armed with multitudes of weapons and thick armor , making them dangerous and tough to both buildings and each other.

Tanks categories:Edit

Stealth TanksEdit

Stealth tanks are generally lightly armoured units, with upgraded sensor systems and equipped with a stealth unit/radar deflection kit. Stealth tanks are usually at a disadvantage in a firefight, however they do have some advantages: better sensor range and stealth units make them impossible to hit with missiles at range (initially), harder to detect for defense systems and can provide mobile reconnaissance for their heavier brethren.

Stealth tanks in Thunder Brigade:

Battle TanksEdit

Battle tanks are the bread and butter of a firefight, combining speed, varied weaponry, moderate armor and numbers. Battle tanks are the mainstay of most common engagements of the war. Whilst superior to the stealth tanks, and faster than the heavy tanks, battle tanks occupy the middle spot between the two classes. Often they are armed with laser designators over the heavy tanks, but don't have the stealth kits of the stealth class.

Battle tanks in Thunder Brigade:

Heavy TanksEdit

Heavy tanks are a class above the rest in sheer firepower, Often armed with Twin rail guns, powerful generators, and rockets. They are the bees knees in a straight up firefight. Heavy tanks are often encased in very thick active armour, which serves to slow them down however. Also since most of their bulk is usually taken by armor and generators, they often lack the wide selection of weapons, that most battle tanks have access too.

Demolisher TanksEdit

Demolishers all are slow heavily armored behemoths, armed with powerful plasma cannons. They are designed to destroy building to a pulp primarily, and are vulnerable in a straight up fight. Their plasma cannons can melt building in one shot, and destroy nearby tanks with ease. However their sluggish nature may them vulnerable to most other classes of tanks if unsupported.