Rebel SF 60 Pike

"The tank for hotheaded ex cropduster pilots. The Pike is by no means the over armored and super sheilded chunk of metalloceramics most US tanks are. It is as agile and handles almost as well as your average heli coupe but unfortunately it's only a bit more effective than a heli coupe in protecting the pilot against incoming fire.

State of the art stealth equipment and superior speed make the SF 60 a serious peice if machinery to go into battle with. And even if your high-velocity rockets fail to impress, you can always rely on the laser designator and let the guided missiles do the job."


Origin: United System

Class: Stealth

Weight: 14T

Top Speed: 498 km/h

Armor: Active 20K

Battery/Recharge: 135/19sec

Armament: 150 15K HV Rockets

Armament: 20 35K Missiles

Armament: 30 20K AT Mines

Armament: Laser Designator