Rebel SF42 Sting

"The oldest slealth tank in the rebel army. The rather conservative design of the the SF 42 bears a lot of similarities with battle class cruisers. Take armament for instance. Stealth tanks usally have an HVR launcher for their main gun, but the Sting is equipped with a rail gun instead.

Actually the SF 42 appears more like an BCC battle unit with a retrofitted radar deflector kit than a throughbred stealth. Some even consider that the name Sting is short for stingy and blame the ones responsible for the concept for trying to be thrift at the expense of pilots."


  • Origin: United System
  • Class: Stealth
  • Weight: 14T
  • Top Speed: 476km/h
  • Armor: Active 20K
  • Battery/Recharge: 135/19sec
  • Armament: Single 25K Rail Gun
  • Armament: 30 35K Missiles
  • Armament: 10 20K AT Mines
  • Armament: laser Designator

First seem and piloted by the player and his wingman in mission 6. This light stealth tank, has very weak armour and simillar engines to the BCC110 (but 2 seconds faster recharge). This is the first stealth tank the player gets to fly, but mission 6 is mostly direct combat, so you don't get to play so much to its strengths.