Rebel BCC 110 Talon
Games' Description:

"The main battle tank of the United Systems Forces. Powered by the same Rockwell engine as the HF 200 and equipeed only with a railer and 30 heavy homers, the BCC 110 is almost as fast as the light stealth tanks. The self repairing active armor is by far superior to that used on steath fighters providing the pilot with adequate protection and making the Talon especially suitable for dogfights. BCC 110 is definitetly THE machine for close (quarters) combat. Legendary Tam "Raven" Larssen, who has shot down the most Halon fighters since the beginning of the war, gives all the credit to his Talon."


  • Origin: United System
  • Class: Battle
  • Weight: 20T
  • Top Speed: 431 km/h
  • Armor: Active 50K
  • Battery/Recharge: 135/21sec
  • Armament: Single 25K Rail Gun
  • Armament: 30 60K Missiles.

In this game you start in the 110, and play the first 2 levels in it, before moving across to the more superior 120 claws. (But you do come back to it later)

In these early stages you will be fighting standard halon battle tanks, i.e the Charon and the Strifer. Depending on the dificulty you play, playing with this tank can either be a total cake walk, or extremely chalenging, very quickly. The 110 is a very nimble craft with a basic complement of wepons and powerful missiles. However, it is its power plant that lets it down. Despite using the plant for the 120 and the 200, the 110 has the weakest engine.

This weakness is its undoing because it cannot fire fast enough in a fight, its armour is still quite weak, and your regenerative armour will criple your ability to fight. With no damage you recharge 6.4 energy a second... so it takes about 1.4 seconds to charge up a shot which is already bad enough. But with damaged armor, your powerplant will grind to a hult. With such a poor powerplant, the best way to use this tank on harder dificulties, is to perform hit and run attacks. Healing your armor and battery out of the action.