Halon Throttler Mk2

"To put it simply, the Mk2 is a supercharged Throttler . Two power plants address the problemof inadequate power to feed the twin railers that the Mk 1 has often been blamed for.

The extra power also enables the use of self repairable armor - a feature rarelyu seen on Halon battle machinery. The firepower has been cut down a little but the two engines still find it hard to cope with the added weight in the power department.

To the general public, the Mark 2 is better known by the painted red hawk on the front ram. For that reason some call it Hawkeye."


  • Origin: Halon Empire
  • Class: Heavy
  • Weight: 33T
  • Top Speed: 342km/h
  • Armor: Active 50K
  • Battery/Recharge: 240/13sec
  • Armament: Twin 40K Rail Gun
  • Armament: 30 80K Missiles

The Throttler Mk2 first appears in the second mission along with its ealier upgraded version, the Mk1. In contrast to the Mk1, the Mk 2 has repairable armor, (slightly) slower speed, more missiles but no mines or laser designator. It also have larger batteries and a shorter recharge.

The Throttler Mk2 is more plevalent than the Mk1 in the campain, they hace a less choice of wepons, but are the first regenerating armor tank that you meet along with the Warden.

The player gets to pilot a stolen Mk2 when fighting with the Halon Rebels. It is comparable to the HF200 in terms of power and play style.