Halon Throttler Mk1

"This heavy tank is a textbook example of Halon engineering: sturdy steel plates bolted into a monstrous form loaded with virtually all kinds of devices meant to cause death and mass destruction.

But Still in every battle there might be a situation where mines and missiles run out and the double TT railers are not just enough. To avoid such potenial embarrassment, the Throttle Mk 1 is equipped with a laser designator, just in cascase.

Unfortunately the designers hard at work fittting different guns all over the thing did not pay much attention to the overall aesthetic picture. Which explains why Mk 1 has been christened by Shovel by the rebel pilots."


  • Origin: Halon Empire
  • Class: Heavy
  • Weight: 24T
  • Top Speed: 347km/h
  • Armor: Passive 80K
  • Battery/Recharge: 120/20sec
  • Armament: Twin 40K Rail Gun
  • Armament: 20 80K Missiles
  • Armament: 60 30K Mines
  • Armament: Laser Designator

The Throttler Mk 1 is first met on level 3. It works like a superpowered Charon; tougher, stronger and armed with a laser designator. It is slower than the Charon and most other battle/stealth tanks, but is still faster than the 200 Fangs but slower than the Mk2.

It acts as a spearhead often at the head of a group of Charons.