Halon Charon Tank

"The Halon battle tank is a moving warehouse of mines and homing missiles. 50 homers and 60 (AT) mines is alot of explosiond to survive. Those worried about the potenial desructive power of a single halon Charon maybe consoled by the non-repairing armor of this tank.

Halons have never been known to mourn a downed tank or a dead pilot. They build their tanks cheap and in big numbers. The only thing they care about is delivering thier message. For that purpose the TT 80 rail gun is the perfect choice. Note the stabillizer fin characteristic of the TT railers."


  • Origin: Halon Empire
  • Class: Battle
  • Weight: 20T
  • Top Speed: 426km/h
  • Armor: Passive 80K
  • Battery: 120/20sec
  • Armament: Single 40k Rail Gun
  • Armament: 50 25K Missiles
  • Armament:60 30K AT Mines
  • Armament:Laser Designator

Use In GameEdit

The Charon is a standard battle tank, and the standard enemy for the player. It is about equal to the players BC110 Talon, however where the player has speed and repairing armour, the charon has a wide selection of powerful weapons and tough armour.

They are however fairly easy to beat, keeping up hit and run attacks, and constantly hitting one side of their armour, will always lead to the players victory.

On harder dificulties, the charon makes good use of his missiles, mines and railgun, posilby leaving the player defenceless, regerating all his armour, and out of rockets because his armoours so tough.

Charons are a cake wall on easier dificulties though, going down in a few hits, eispeicially when using a hevey tank.

The tank is red, like all equipment from the Halon Empire, and is a staple of thier armies right untill thier end.