Halon Annihilator

"Rebels call it the Nipper in a somwhat patronizing manner. If one has never seen a Halon demilisher in action, he might be fooled into believing that it is yet another defenseless tin can with one really big gun to incinerate buildings with.

Far from that. The Annihilator is one mean peice of military equipment. A powerful plasma cannon is backed by an array of varioud projectiles, ranging from mines to homming missiles, and resulting in total firepower being measured in numbers that a sane man finds hard to digest.

This destructive force is powered by a total of three generators - still there apparently wasn'r enough juice left for self-repairing armor."


  • Origin: Halon Empire
  • Class: Demilisher
  • Weight: 72T
  • Top Speed: 235km/h
  • Armor: Passive 80K
  • Battery/Recharge: 360/10sec
  • Armament: 500K Plasma Cannon
  • Armament: 300 10K HV Rockets
  • 100 80K Missiles
  • 60 30K AT Mines

First seen in the second mission. Acts almost like a boss, it is slow, but hevily armed, with powerful missiles at range, and a powerful plasma cannon the can kill most tanks in one hit at close range. Combine with that, very thick armour, it is an formidable opponent.

In the second mission, it apears to the North East of the base and slowly destroys it will long range rocket, whilst being backed up by Charons and Strifers. They combined are a formidable opponent to the players BCC 100, however it like its compariots, is only equiped with passive armor, and thus is susceptable to repeated hit and run attacks.

Never get close to this beast, wear it down over time and you'll be fine.