Campaign Start Screen

Campaign Start Screen

The Campaign is loaded with the disk, and contains 30 missions. You star off a 'green pilot and end as one of the Aliance's top pilots, aswell as getting acess to better and better tanks, which you use to play a bigger part in the war.


You play as a raw recruit for the United Systems military. You start after the first successful takeover by the Alliance of their first planet Flonares, you help with mop up operations to start with. Then you fight as a standard battle tank helping the US to take over more planets in the system, get given more specialist roles, in no time you have the Halon Empire defeated.

However the Alliance is ambushed by the Earth Alliance, you must fight a fighting retreat to try to save what resources the Rebels can. It is then up to you to lead a strike team called the "Thunder Brigade" to try to salvage victory from the jaws of defeat.

Campaign start up screenEdit

Play Campaign Edit

Play the next mission available.

New CampaignEdit

Start a new campain as a new pilot name, clear all your decorations and mission ratings.

Load CampagnEdit

Load a save from either ealier in your playthrough, or from another campain altogether.

Save CampaignEdit

Save the current mission you are on.


This button will show all the Medals and rank you have unlocked/reached..


Recuit (Rct.)

Private (Pvt.

Coperal (Cpl.)

Sargeant (Sgt.)

Lietenant (Lt.)

Captain (Cpt.)

Major (Maj.)

Colonel (Col.)

Note: The last two ranks, Major and Colonel, are given only if the pilot rating is over 150% and 200% respectively.


Combat Star (First Degree, Marksman, Top Shot): Awarded for exceptional combat performance i inflicting great damage on the enemy, while keeping freindly casualties low.

Cross of Gratitude (First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree): Awarded for saving lives.

Cross of Honor (Ruby, Emerald, Diamond): Awarded for miscellaneous acheivements in mission.

Claws of Steel: Awarded for exceptional combat performance, provided it has great impact on the course of war.

Angel Wings: Awarded for saving lives, provided it has great impact on the course of war.

Mission RatingsEdit

This shows the mission ratings you got on a per mission basis.

Mission RatingEdit

Mission rating is ranked between 0% and 250%, with 100% being average. It is determined by casulties on both sides, whether you loose any wingmen, difficulty level and number of saves (only if you don't save or once).

The MissionsEdit

Mission 1: Flonares Clean UpEdit

Mission 2: Yazz SupportEdit

Mission 3: Leejarna TakeoverEdit

Mission 4: Leejarna PatrolEdit

Mission 5: Flonares VillageEdit

Mission 6: Enora LandingEdit

Mission 7: Arakhos ConspiracyEdit

Mission 8:  Arakhos TakeoverEdit

Mission 9: Ventrop TakeoverEdit

Mission 10: L-Brus Peace TalksEdit

Mission 11: Arakhos DefenseEdit

Mission 12: Arakhos RescueEdit

Mission 13: Enora DefenseEdit

Mission 14:Edit

Mission 15:Edit

Mission 16:Edit

Mission 17:Edit

Mission 18:Edit

Mission 19:Edit

Mission 20:Edit

Mission 21:Edit

Mission 22:Edit

Mission 23:Edit

Mission 24:Edit

Mission 25:Edit

Mission 26:Edit

Mission 27:Edit

Mission 28: Edit

Mission 29:Edit

Mission 30:Edit